The World Education Network is a charity dedicated to providing education to those who need it throughout the world.

Thank you for your interest in supporting our projects. All gifts to the work of The World Education Network are tax-deductible. Donations made using credit cards will be acknowledged with an email confirmation message. A printed receipt will be sent through regular mail within 7-10 days. If you would prefer to make a donation via telephone, please call.

One of the most innovative and interesting ways to help, is by purchasing pixels at $10.00 a piece, in the form of your name, family crest, or even business logo here. You see the representation of our plans on the page. The pixels that people purchase will eventually form a single page of images. As these images replace the image of our planned building, they provide the means for it's construction.

The pixel image will be transferred to laser engraved marble and inlaid into the entrance of the headquarters building. Thus, as you write your name in pixels, you write your name in history. There are no limitations to the number of pixels you can purchase. Each pixel is ten dollars. There is not requirement as to the number of pixels you may purchase. See a video representation of our plans here.

Check or credit cards are accepted through our account at Paypal. You do not have to be a member of Paypal to donate. Simply click the button at right, enter the amount you want to donate. It's that easy!     

Another way you can support the work, is by purchasing gifts from our online store here. Though there are only a few items available now, we hope to add artistic items designed by students from the Ashanti College of Art and Design. Every purchase, no matter how small helps to make education a reality for those in need.

Items: You or your company can donate both tangible and intangible items such as plane, race car, or boat rides, accommodations, an celebrity evening out, and anything else that will enable us to raise ambitious funds during our auctions.

Fund Raising: You can raise sponsorship money to support our work by organizing a race, walkathon, bike ride, concert, a dinner with African music, plenty of exotic atmosphere and the traditional Ethiopian coffee.
Donate computers and equipment through

Planned Giving: In addition to the tax benefits of lowering inheritance taxes, donations to The World Education Network clearly express your wishes to family and friends. There are some key guidelines to remember when making a bequest. Contact your attorney for advice about establishing or amending your will to include a donation to The World Education Network. Name The World Education Network, Inc. as the recipient of the donation. Include any special instructions to The World Education Network regarding the use of your donations. Indicate the dollar amount or the total percentage of your estate for your gift to The World Education Network, Inc. as well as naming any specific belongings or real estate to be distributed to The World Education Network .

Individual Retirement Accounts can be taxed if passed directly to your heirs – by designating The World Education Network, Inc. as your beneficiary on your plan, your inheritance taxes are greatly reduced. Contact your Retirement Plan Administrator and name The World Education Network, Inc. as the beneficiary of your donations.

Donations of life insurance are a means of benefiting The World Education Network in your estate planning as probate is avoided, passing donations directly to The World Education Network without delay.

By donating stocks and mutual funds to The World Education Network, you avoid paying capital gains taxes on the appreciation. In addition, the donations full market value, if held for twelve months, is completely deductible.

How You Can Help
Where Will Your Money Go?

Presently all funds are being directed to additions and improvements to the Ashanti College of Art and Design, which will serve as our headquarters in Africa.

Future High Tech School

We are building a high tech facility with dormitories. We will also create state of the art, educational and vocational courseware in key African languages.

From the base in Ghana, we will reach out to the entire continent. It is amazing how much can be achieved, even with relatively small amounts of money. We keep all donors up to date with what is happening through our Newsletters, which are posted in the News section of our website. If you need any other information, just e-mail.
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