The World Education Network functions as a hub and gateway to shared and opensource educational content as well as programs and tools to use it efficiently. The materials are effectively re-distributed through online learning portals and programs such as Moodle and by radio, BGAN, and rss feed , as a resource for students worldwide.

In developed countries, we target adult learners, at risk, out-of-school or homeschooled, and incarcerated populations.

In developing countries we help address shortages of teachers, scarcities of schools and a deficiency in both the quality and quantity of learning material characterize the problems of providing access to education.

For those who are in hard-to-reach, marginalizes or unstable environments, we assist in developing specially adapted programs, making education easily accessible, free or low-cost and culturally appropriate.

In addition, we place importance on resources to build life skills for vulnerable children, and on ways to address the broader learning needs of communities.
Our partnerships provide e-learning solutions to reach students in areas that may be economically depressed, under-developed, suppressed, secluded, or under aggression. These programs also lower the cost of education by reducing or eliminating the need for staff. We will partner with like minded individuals and organizations who's goals are to provide education to those in need. We have the resources to develop content, technology and programming to meet any challenge. We are well versed in opensource at all levels.

Projects span academic disciplines including curriculum development and implementation, vocational, health and safety, technology integration, school/community/ partnerships, research and evaluation. The present focus is to develop of opensource educational and vocational content and make it easily available through platforms such like click-a-teacher and explore the use of open-source knowledge-base (KB) systems such as Scone to increase the scope.

Our flagship program provides the means by which students can connect to the Internet and learn from anywhere in the world. It consists of content that is delivered to a computer, laptop, or hand held device, providing assessments that instantly prescribe lesson plans, automatic grading and progress reports.

Students may also connect to tutors through a shared whiteboard program when assistance is needed. Students can connect from even the most remote and isolated areas via a highly portable satellite terminal - about the size of a laptop PC - which is easy to carry, quick to set up and simple to use. The Broadband Global Access Network (BGAN) is the world's first voice and broadband data mobile communications service accessible anywhere on the planet at speeds up to half a megabit per second.

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